Altitude slm: 780 m – Area: kmq. 9,05
Patron Saint: S. Antonio Abate, January 17th;
The town consists of a group of houses located on a natural balcony overlooking the valley up to Taceno. From there one sweeps over the Pioverna Valley and can see the bastion of Monte Muggio.
The village is easily accessible by the carriage road that in Margno parts from the main provincial road Taceno-Premana; from this last one it also leads off a section of the carriage road heading to the fraction of Vegno, where the church of San Giovanni Battista stands, and where there are other characteristic buildings.
From Crandola, with a two and a half hours walk, you can reach the peak of Margno's Monte Cimone.
Known as a holiday resort area, it is a common destination for Sunday drives thanks to the enchanting landscape and its traditional cuisine: the Scapinasc, typical ravioli (type of pasta), is a dish exported to different parts of the world.
Municipal offices:

P.za IV Novembre, 1 - 23832 Crandola Valsassina (Lc)
Tel : 0341/840119 - Fax : 0341/801647
Web : www.comune.crandola.lc.it - Mail : comune.crandola@comune.crandola.lc.it
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