Altidude slm: 730 m -Area: kmq. 3,72
Patron Saint: S. Bartholomew, August 24th;
Like the other towns in the valley, Margno belongs to the diocese of Milan and in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries was dominated by the archbishops of Milan.
In the fourteenth century it was included in the duchy of Milan and at the beginning of the sixteenth century suffered the brief rule of Gian Giacomo de Medici, called the Medeghino.
In 1647 it became a fief of the Mountains. The name of a district, via dell'Ospedale (Hospital Str.), recalls a hospice for poor people founded in 1450 by Mr and Mrs Zuccarelli and endowed with 17 parcels of land.
The hospice has been running until the seventeenth century. A fresco on the parish house recalls the priest Bernardo Vitali, a patriot who, in 1848, disguised as a shepherd, managed to escape the Austrians.In the fraction of Bagnala, very populated until the eighteenth century, stood one of the forts built since the Middle Ages to defend the valley. Of the Medieval fortress nowadays are left some parts of the wall known as the "Bastia".
Above the village (1480 m.s.l.) is the Pian delle Betulle, a holiday resort, reachable by a cosy cableway.
Municipal offices:

Via al Tennis, 2 - 23832 Margno (Lc)
Tel : 0341 840049 - Fax : 0341/840791
Web : www.comune.margno.lc.it - Mail : comune.margno@comune.margno.lc.it
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