The town is located on a plateau on the southern side of Monte Legnone. At the entrance on the left, you enter via Torre (Tower Str.), where one can still sense the structure of an ancient fort. Moving on along narrow alleys and steep steps, you can see houses from the medieval time.
From 1600, are portals and various ancient frescoes. Paride Cattaneo della Torre, in his "Descritione della Valsassina" notes as in Pagnona there is a high tower surrounded by a great wall, built in 1150, at the time of the "accursed factions of Guelphs and Ghibellines".
Still visible, it has been completely renovated and converted into a dwelling house. The church as well, located in a secluded position down to the west end of the town, is of medieval origin. Birthplace of Giovanni Maria Tagliaferri (1809 - 1879), engraver and painter, founder of a dynasty of artists which lasted until the 60s of the last century.
Municipal offices :

Via Nuova, 2 - 23833 Pagnona (Lc)
Tel : 0341 890420 - Fax : 0341/819026
Web : www.comune.pagnona.lc.it - Mail : info@comune.pagnona.lc.it
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